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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  December 4, 2012 4:00pm-4:30pm PST

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democrats and republicans fail to corporate on budget negotiation. 80 acres of farmland to build a "star wars"spaceship. these fans are on a mission to turn fantasy to reality. welcome to our viewers on public television in america and around the globe. a massive crowd surrounds the egyptian president's palace. tens of thousands have turned out in the biggest and most tense demonstration yet. against the powers of the new president and the constitution. mr. morsi has left and authorities are threatening if
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the walls are breached. >> police fired tear gas after they breached the line in front of the official residence. at times, the police seem close to losing control. agent has not seen anything like this even at the height of the protests against hosni mubarak last year. opposition supporters converged on the palace through the day. they are furious at the edict taking sweeping new powers. and an attempt to rush through a new constitution that opponents fear it could be used to impose islamic values. this is a series of marches. two weeks in and than not lost any of their fury and egger prodi is done. >-- and anger at what he has
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done. >> he is not right to be the new king creative. >> we hope he is wise enough to realize that today is the first of many marches against him if he does not stop them. >> the president seeing here receiving the new draft of the constitution had to be hustled out of the palace for his safety. egyptians have lost their fear. >> we've never seen anything like this in egypt. i have covered for the president for 20 years and i could not dare walk in from the palace without having a sense of fear inside me. >> tonight the opponents are still outside the presidential palace. his supporters staged their own show over the weekend. in egypt is divided. as the country approaches a referendum on the constitution
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less than two weeks away. >> tense time in egypt. nato is stepping up its protection of turkey as the conflict in syria at trends to escalate. the military alliance has brought missiles. grave concern that president assad may consider chemical weapons. >> the gunfire has shown why they're asking for no. this time it was some of the wounded who crossed into turkey but artillery and mortar rounds have landed here, killing civilians. this is what nato hopes will deter an increasingly desperate regime. patriot missiles with sophisticated radar that can shoot down any incoming missiles
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and planes, locking onto a target in seconds with a range of more than 60 miles. nato foreign ministers approved sending the missiles to turkey with the u.s., the netherlands, and germany providing the weapons but the alliance stressed the move was defensive. >> the deployment of patriot missiles will serve as an effective deterrent and that way, diaz with the situation along the syrian-turkish border. >> russia is the one fly in the right man. the foreign minister said he would not block the move. a sign an old ally may be losing patience with president assaad. they hope deploying missiles will help stabilize tensions but the bigger concern is what is happening inside syria itself. specifically, what the regime might do with its stockpile of
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chemical weapons. syria has used much of its considerable arsenal to crush the rebellion. hidden from view it is believed to have developed a chemical weapons program and there are reports of activity, prompting this uncompromising western message. >> we are concerned for the same reason the united states has. we have sent our own clear, private message directly to them about the serious consequences that would follow from the use of such weapons. >> those consequences are not been spelled out and syria has said it is no intention of using chemical weapons but the deployment of patriot missiles that will take weeks to arrive in turkey will not end this conflict. >> how serious is this koepp merkel wegmanchemical weapons t?
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thank you for coming. what is the risk that we're looking at here with these chemical weapons in syria? >> most have given up chemical weapons years ago. syria is one of the few that still has them and they have breast sophisticated arsenal. hundreds of tons of mustard gas and it has sarin, scud missiles, air dropped bombs, artillery and missiles. you're worried about assad using the weapons and the chaos in a collapsed. >> have you seen this kind of situation before? >> we have never had a situation where a nation state has collapsed with an attack chemical weapons arsenal. the big give them up. this is a libya case with a
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chemical weapons. a dictator-on about to collapse, most people think it is weeks or months. no clear chain of authority or how to secure the arsenals once assaad is gone. >> we think of president assad's father who used him. what is the risk he might? >> that would be a desperation move which is why the president went public and it was clear. use these and you are signing a death notice but to the regime elements around him. if he gives the order, to not follow it and preserve yourself. >> what can america or nato or the outside world do to secure these weapons? >> this is a corn its nest.
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the department of defense estimates it will take 75,000 u.s. troops to secure on the ground these arsenals. we're not going to put those in. your only chance is to work with the rebel forces and/or have been doing that. given the assets they need to secure the site and bring troops in to remove them. even that is tricky business. >> do you think the national community is inching closer toward some sort of military intervention? >> i think they are. the substantial increase in their armaments and public recognition of the rebel force and if he should cross this line, no question about a direct military intervention. >> thank you for coming in. american politicians have for weeks in which to come to a deal to stop the country falling back into recession. so far, this sides are not very promising. republicans and democrats will
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have to cut spending by general 1 or face automatic triggers that would cause economic pain here and around the world. the international markets are watching these negotiations very carefully. the sticking point for conservative republicans is to agree to raise taxes. one of them is republican congressman from georgia, jack houston. there's a lot at stake in america and international economies as well. can you reassure them that you will come to some sort of a deal? >> i think that we will. we're in the early stages of the serious negotiations and that president -- the president has put forth an offer and speaker john boehner has put forth that offer. the fact that this is rejected is to be expected but it is testing ground. we have seen that between them
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have gone through this process. i believe we will get there. both sides so that we cannot win are refusing to compromise. we both have our right to be here and we have countered with some revenue in places. we want to see what the president will do in terms of cuts. where are concerned about the deficit. i believe we will get there. i really do. >> you are a perennial optimist. you make everything seem sunny. we are at a stalemate. republicans do not want to raise taxes and democrats to know what to -- do not want to cut spending. >> the president has the political upper hand. if nothing happens, the tax rates do expire as is and they
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go up and the sequestration of takes place. he can vote -- publicly blame that on republicans to. he would have the upper hand. policy-wise east as -- he has to combat and ask for an increase in the debt ceiling. he knows that if he sours the atmosphere right now that it would be difficult for him to get an increase in the debt ceiling in a couple of months. i believe this motivation for both of us to say let's cut out all the political posturing and make a deal. we realize as professionals will have to get it done. >> what are you opposed -- why opposed?you >> taxes have been 18% of gdp. they're down now because of a
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question of rates but because of the economy. >> in sharing the burden, is not turnoff for republicans to say the wealthier can pay more? >> that is where we have put on the table an increase in revenue. we're willing to eliminate loopholes. i can tell you as someone who is under this system if you have the bright accountant and lawyer, you will pay less taxes than the next person regardless of your income level. i think eliminating these loopholes does do what the president has been talking about, fairness. it gives shared burden which is what we want to do. we have said we're willing to increase revenue someone. we get there at a different route than the president but the president needs to put on what he is willing to do to reduce spending and he has not done
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that so far. >> jack kingston, thank you. financial markets are watching. on the other side there is another controversy with a major fallout. clerical workers have been on strike at the ports in long beach. that brought operations there to a screeching halt and shut down major passage of goods from asia. both sides agreed to a federal mediator. as far as i understand almost half of all the cargo arriving in america comes into those ports. it must be a logjam of goods into the country. >> we are talking more than a billion dollars worth of programming trudy's ports every single day.
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what this is all about is about job security and outsourcing of jobs to other parts of the u.s., china and taiwan. the relatively small clerical workers' union fear their jobs are at risk. they are union back jobs and well-paid. they have been supported by members of a sister union. the effect is to bring the sprawling complex to a standstill. it accounts for more than one- third of the imports into the united states. >> if i am a small business woman in ohio, why should i worry about this strike? >> quite simply, the fear is is if this is allowed to carry on,
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there will be a shortage of goods and a hold up of the vessels that are languishing behind me. they are just hanging around and not being processed, they are not getting to the stores and the shortage could push up prices ahead of the christmas shopping period. >> everybody will be watching. thank you for joining me. still to come on tonight's program. it is the presidency being watched around the world. prince william joye and his wife -- joins his wife kate in hospital. we will bring me the latest. a powerful typhoon has been battering the philippines. dozens of deaths are reported and more than a 50,000 have been forced to flee their homes.
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a report from manila. >> it is the worst typhoon to hit the island. bringing heavy rain and wind up to 210 kilometers an hour. even for a country accustomed to violence weather, this is a truly massive storm. roads are closed and bridges damaged and crops destroyed. no match for its strength. >> i was in the kitchen and i heard a crack. something fell on the house. everything collapsed. >> the typhoon brought back painful memories of this time last year when a typhoon killed the 1500 people. this has twice the wind speed and there are fears there could be substantial loss of life.
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there was no warning -- more warning this year. >> this tyvon is not a joke. it is the potential destruction it could cause. this could be the strongest to hit the country this year. >> they are fleeing their homes for evacuation centers. tens of thousands heeded the call. they will stay until the wind and rain dies down when they can leave to inspect the damage. officials are desperately hoping that by being more prepared that will have averted the high casualty figures seen all too often in previous philippine typhoons. let's get the latest on the dachas of cambridge who is spending her second night in a london hospital, suffering from
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acute morning sickness. the news of her pregnancy set off on -- a stream of global interest. the focus is on the health of the mother and baby. >> it is an essentially private moment being played out very publicly. william joined his wife at her bedside. the hospital said nothing. in the street outside, there is an international news media in overdrive. >> we saw prince william arrive here. >> they're prepared to go a very long way for the facts. from one side of the globe to the other, this prevents the is headline news. prince william just arrived at cape's bedside after their announcement that a rural areas on the way. >> -- that a royal is on the way.
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>> she will be kept in touch by william about kate's condition. the government confirmed it will be moving quickly to pass a law ensuring that if their first child is a girl, she will definitely be third in line to the throne. she will not be passed over by any younger brother. >> the old-fashioned rules where only a boy could become the king and his oldest sister would not be allowed to, the rules will be swept aside and that is change, and updating of the rules that many people would welcome. >> alan farthing was spotted. leading the treatment. >> it is one of the worst things i have ever gone through, bar none. it puts your body through
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minutes you never thought you have. i felt there were times when i felt like my body had been poisoned. >> for william but most particularly for kate, these are testing days. they know there will have the support of their families, of each other, and of millions of people who they have never met. bbc news at the king edward the seventh hospital. >> the duchess of cambridge spending a second night in hospital for morning sickness. it was famously called the fast as talk of jobs in the galaxy. we're talking about the "millennium falcon." versions of this filled the two boxes of millions of children. what about a live version? it will fill an 88-acre plot of land in tennessee. we spoke recently with two of
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the men taking part. >> what we have here is one of two of the quad lasers of the han solo ship. one sits on top and one sits on the bottom. they fired off a bunch of ships that come in. -- fight off a bunch of ships that come in. >> they're coming in too fast. >> this is what i used to build it. >> i was interested in doing models and then i became interested in girls. after a 30-year hiatus being single, i decided to get back into doing models and stumbled across chris lee's website. >> this is the dome for r2- d2.
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i bought 88 acres west of renne live. more less for the purpose of building this full-size, full scale, one to one replica of the millennium falcon. the master plan would be to develop it into a creative retreat. the space where a school could send kids and say, let's spend a week at this retreat and learn how to weld and there is a spaceship out there they're working on that is pretty awesome that we can contribute to. in this room we have the console of the cockpit where they said. this is one of many pieces that are going to be taken apart and transported. the internet has played a substantial role. there are people in england, people in new zealand who have
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donated time, effort, and experience to this project. it has become international. cropp sourcing made a new name for the website or the project. it seems like that what iis whas happening. check it out in five years. i have no idea if that is realistic. >> i remember the first time the blockade runner flew over my head and it seemed like it would never end. the star destroyer was chasing and i said, i have to live in this universe. i have to figure out a way to live in this somehow. it goes back to that one scene where luke sasol millennium for all come and go, " -- sees the millennium falcon and says, what a hunk of junk.
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>> they are trying to brinbill e real version. we leave you with pictures of capitol hill. it is decorated with 5000 ornaments. handcrafted in colorado. oehnerspeaker john bette hosted the ceremony. thanks for watching. we will be back tomorrow. >> makes sense of international news at >> funding of this presentation was made possible by the freeman foundation of new york,
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stowe, vermont, and honolulu, newman's own foundation, and union bank. >> at union bank, our relationship managers work hard to understand the industry you operate in, working to nurture new ventures and help provide capital for key strategic decisions. we offer expertise and tailored solutions in a wide range of industries. what can we do for you? >> "bbc world news" was presented by kcet, los angeles. presented by kcet, los angeles.
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